Recommended Setup for Your Site

When you’re just starting out online – or you know your way around – it is always nice to have a list of resources. Like a go-to place for when you need a new tool or just inspiration.

You may notice how things on this page change from time to time, I hate to recommend stuff that I haven’t used or tried myself. Sure, I can write an extensive review about it but that’s not the same as having used it yourself.

I have spent over ten thousand dollars on testing and trying different tools and courses. Stuff that business owners usually needs. But to be frank, I think that ~90% of everything that I’ve ever tried is just pure junk. It is not worth your time so don’t waste it.

Instead, I ended up with the 10% that I actually liked and use on a daily or weekly basis. To go even further, I saved you some time by curating an online asset like the collection you see below. It will help you to find what you are looking for quickly. It will also let you skip the process of buying crap you don’t need.

When you decide to build your own website, you need tools. Assume you want to start your own affiliate niche site. It is a great business model. What you’d want to do is to focus on your channel of promotion. Let’s say you go down the content marketing route. In that case, your point of focus should be on creating outstanding content. Getting the site up and running is not, that’s why I recommend you to go with one of the tested and recommended choices below and get to work.

It’s highly recommended that you bookmark this page for your future reference.

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Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links - and at no additional cost to you. This means that I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase. But don't worry, I have tested and tried all of them. My integrity is more important than a few dollars on commission, so if you find it here, it's because I think it works.

Best tools and products for internet marketing and online business

These featured tools are the ones that I tend to use on almost all the sites I own. They are sort of the foundation of my online asset portfolio and are a great tool set for anyone starting out or looking to change things up.

Rose Hosting – If you want something that is stable and with great tech, I can recommend Rose Hosting. I have a few larger sites here and I get a Virtual Private Server on SSD, with high RAM and complete 24/7 service. They even migrate the site for you if you want to transfer, for free. They guarantee 100% uptime plus I get free weekly backups so I don’t have to worry about it myself. They also have cheaper hosting that is Shared.

BlueHost – The online community doesn’t really like Endurance International Group (EIG), owners of BlueHost. But I think that being one of the largest hosting providers in the world has its benefits. I care about stable hosting and BlueHost give that to me for cheap. I get full cPannel features and they even helped me searching AND fixing a bug on my WP site that I caused. It took over 30 min to fix and I didn’t pay anything extra for that service. Excellent.

Thrive Themes – Thrive Themes is a set of WordPress themes but if you get the whole package, you will end up with a powerful suite. It comes with themes, tools, and products to make very powerful websites. I use it on almost all my niche sites. Pixelmarketers is also run with Thrive. You cannot go wrong with this theme. It is very useful.

X Themes – I said that I use Thrive for almost all my sites. Thos that are not run with Thrive uses X Themes from Themeco. This is by far one of the best themes I’ve yet to see. It comes with so many presets, features and you can customize it however you want. They also have their own drag & drop builder, Cornerstone, which is included. Love it.

Active Campaign – This is my go to email marketing platform. You can probably use Aweber or anyone else, but I’ve tried different ones and I like Active Campaign best. They are easy to use, they develop and grow plus their support is really helpful and friendly. I like a good support.

NameCheap – by far the best choice. I love their support, and their interface is easy to navigate. Prices are cheap and you won’t need to look elsewhere.

Best tools for creating multimedia

Canon 80D – If you ever want to invest in a camera, get this one. It is top notch and is a power house. Crisp images and awesome video recording. I use it all the time for making YouTube videos. Also, the one I linked comes with a very versatile lens that will work for most projects you’d want to do.

Rode Lav Mic – This is probably the mic I use in most cases on the go. It connects to your smartphone, to your camera (if you got the Canon 80D for example) and is great if you ever want to shoot a video with your talking head. Brownie points for being so small and powerful.

Rode Condenser Mounted Mic – If you really want to get a mic for your camera, however, this is probably it. It mounts on your camera and has a built in shock-mount. Easy to connect and the sound is really crisp. It shuts out noise very well and I seldom do any audio editing.

Canva – Getting graphics for your content that doesn’t suck was hard, but Canva changed that. It is an ever growing tool that I always come back to when I need a quick graphic done. A thumbnail, add some text on an image or whatever it may be. I still use Photoshop, but not nearly as much anymore, since I got my hands on Canva.

Some really useful WordPress Plugins

Akismet – This is the spam hater. It will guard your site against spam comments and other junk. Get this and be done with spam.

Speed Booster Pack – I really like this plugin, it helped me boost the speed of my site and it is easy to use. Compress images and files to make your site faster.

Contact Form 7 – This is the only contact form you’ll need. It is super easy to setup and you can start accepting emails from your site. I use it on sites to collect leads. They send me an email about what they want and I send them a quote. Business.

Google Analytics for WordPress by MonsterInsights – There are many GA plugins, I happen to like this one, I don’t use it on all sites because I still use the Analytics interface mostly.

WP Super Cache – Please use a Cache tool. It will speed up your site and improve the user experience. You can also go with W3 Cache, which is also a great plugin. It doesn’t really matter as long as you pick one. The WP Super Cache is usually my choice but I use both. If you’re not an advanced user they will get you going by just installing and activating them.

Thrive Leads – If you get the whole package from Thrive, you also get Leads. But you can buy it as a standalone product. I think the whole package is more worth the investment, though. However, Thrive Leads is a super easy way to setup your site to start collecting emails to your list. I have had approximately ~65% increase in conversion rate using this plugin.

Thrive Visual Editor – Ah, if you’re not a techie person, this tool might be your new best friend. You will be able to build web pages and design then as you want directly in your browser. Install it, access it through your WP dashboard, and start making new pages and posts with total control over the layout.

Ultimate Nofollow – This tool gives you a little tick box when adding links in your posts and pages. It will allow you to nofollow links and not spill the juice to others. Especially handy when adding affiliate links.

Yoast SEO – Some users like All in One SEO or SEO Press better, but I think Yoast does the trick. A plugin like this will give you better control over meta descriptions, tags, titles and on-page SEO. 

Amazon Associates Link Builder – This one is only important if you’re an Amazon affiliate. If not, keep scrolling. If you are, Amazon has made this plugin to make it easier to insert Amazon links. And unless you work with their API’s directly, this will be very handy.

Shortcodes Ultimate – If you don’t go with Thrive, and you need shortcodes, this is the one. It will let you add loads of things like dividers, video, accordions, buttons, maps etc. It is a plugin to simply make your pages and posts look more stylish.

WP Rocket – WP Rocket is also a speed plugin. A friend of mine sped up his site by 60%, I have used it and sped up my sites twice as fast. That is huge! If your site is slow, your users will leave before they even see your site. UX-wise, speed is VERY important. If you are a serious website owner, you will want to better your speed.

Thirsty Affiliates – This is a tool for managing affiliate links. Some will tell you that it is a tool to cloak link – it’s not. There’s nothing shady going on here. This tool will help you redirect and manage outbound affiliate links and make them accessible from one place. Also, it will make them look more pretty.


OptinMonster – Just like Thrive leads this plugin will help you collect emails. It is fast, looks awesome and is easy to use. It has a drag & drop builder, and you can A/B test everything. You get the exit intent, analysis page and you can decide what email pop-up you want to show on what page to make it really targeted.



Evernote – If you haven’t been a user of Evernote yet, now is the time. I’m not kidding when I say that I probably have tried over 20 productivity apps in the AppStore – without this much success. 

Google Drive – This one is perfect to use for your documents, sheets and stuff if you don’t have MS Office. I use it to create work environments with VAs and to share stuff I pay them to do.

Dropbox – Seriously, this is a must have. You get about 5GB of free space to use, and after that it’s like $99 usd per year if you need a TERABYTE. It’s a nobrainer.