10K Challenge: The Niche Research 2.0

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For the last 2 months or so I’ve been participating in Tung’s 10k Challenge. If you are unfamiliar with it, it’s about building an authority site up to $5,000/month.

Since the first post on this and how this was about to be setup, I started with a list of items to accomplish for the first month.

  • Research a niche
  • Find 5,000+ low competition keywords with high commercial intent.
  • Register domain with Godaddy
  • Host it with HostGator
  • Design and brand a site with Thrive themes.
  • Order logo from Fiverr
  • 4,000+ word home page
  • 3 individual product reviews of 700+ words each
  • 5 informational articles of 500+ words each
  • Initial link building

First of all, I started about to find a niche that I found was profitable and with a low-to-moderate competition. It is a niche that I don’t yet have a huge interest in but I like it still. I have had it all around me on and off. What I did was that after I found the niche using the “best [niche]” and “[niche] reviews” structure I started to dig deeper to find even more keywords to create content around. And not just any content, but really good, and honest content.

I’ve been following an approach and I know that I said in the list that I was going to write about 3 individual product reviews of 700 words. Well, I ended up with a lot more. As of writing this, I have about 15 reviews of 1,600 to 2,200 words. They all follow the same outline to make it easier to digest for readers.

I am working on closely related niche that will go on the site as well, it is a complementary category and it suits fine within the site.

The longer this project goes on the more the site will grow and I hope to reveal the niche as I get a little bit further down the road.

About all of the above bullets are accomplished and it feels nice to have a project going on.


Here are a few tips if you are looking to start an affiliate site

Pick something you like talking about. What’s something you want to be around, and pick an end-user who you like. If you can’t talk and rant about your topic, then you may just lose interest before you start seeing any profit from the site. Ask yourself if this is a niche or a topic that you can become interested in? If yes, then it is probably a good fit. You will never get started if you are stuck inside analysis paralysis.

I hear a lot of people who claim that they are just very analytical and wants to have all the data on the table before taking action. Well, I have something to say to those people, you are not analytical, you are inexperienced.

Looking to my own experience, I am not an expert at all. Not even close. But I take action and I try and change things as I go. That is what makes this process so fun and interesting. Running a business or an online project… even an offline. Will never be a straight road. You will always have to adjust as needed and there are not certainties.

Your First Step

Start with the niche. Here is an infographic and a mini-guide that will get you started. Seriously now, you don’t need anything else to get started. Try this and I can promise you, that you’ll find what you are looking for. All you need is a keyword with a buying intent that ticks off a few bullets on that list. If it does, go with it. You can will adjust as you go along.


Next Up

The next step for my affiliate site is to…

  • Create a couple more reviews around my main keywords
  • Build out the complimentary product line
  • Add 5 informational posts
  • Start a minor ads campaign to get more traffic coming in initially
  • Do more natural internal linking
  • Do a minor backlinking campaign (find organic and natural backlinks)

Are you building an affiliate site? Would you like to get started?

Maybe the Niche Finder XL Pack will be a great fit for you. I give it away for free on this site. I’ve made it myself and it includes my methods for niche research, if you have any questions about it, just ask.


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