The Millionaire Fastlane Review – The Book that will Change Your Life

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Almost every person you meet each day obviously dreams to be rich and be successful one day. Some know it, others don’t – The Fastlane Millionaire can be their ticket home.

The only problem is how.

The world has already sighted so many people who succeeded in making themselves rich over the years. But even with how successful these people have become, they thought that their actions are not yet completed. They also want to share it to others and let them learn how they reached the peak of success.

…Or at least how they walked down the path to success:

“We need not come to the end of the path to experience the benefits of walking it.”

The book “Millionaire Faslane” is not just one of the many ones written for this purpose. It is THE book.

The time has come for me to hand in my own Millionaire Faslane review to show you what exactly one can learn from it.

Millionaire Faslane Review: The Purpose of the Book

Perhaps, you are one of those thousands of people who turn to reading self-help books about improving yourself.

I know I am.

As you read, you learn what differentiates the other book you are reading from the current one. Yes, they may all be the books to help and teaches how to become rich or successful. But in this Millionaire Faslane review, you will learn that specific purpose for which it was written for. That is to help lay the foundation for you to become rich quickly.

[START RANT]! Ok let me address the word “quickly”. I feel like some of you may be lost here or think this book is somewhat a scam. It is not.

MJ DeMarco claims that by following his methods together with a pinch of common sense, you can become rich quick. Getting rich quick is a relative term.

Can I become rich overnight? Highly unlikely, unless you bet all on black. But if you get rich over the course of 5 years?

Let me tell you, if the average lifespan of a human is 75-82 years – 5 years, or 6 % of your total life – is QUICK!

Considering that some people struggle with this their WHOLE life, 5 years is nothing. [END OF RANT]

The primary lesson readers can learn in the book is that to get rich quickly, you don’t have to rely on the outdated means to achieve your goal. Being a good worker along with saving whatever you can every year helps, but not if you truly want to be rich quickly.

The best you can do is to create your own way, and this book comes with a guideline to ensure that you are treading the right path.

Also, it is said that the boom aims to help you reach your goal of getting rich in the quickest way possible.

But, this is not a book that will tell you that road to achieving that is easy.

Recall what I said before about quick is a relative term. Easy – business wise – is not. There is no such thing as getting rich easy. It is a struggle, and that struggle is real for you to observe and experience.

However, with The Millionaire Fastlane at hand you are on your way.

Millionaire Faslane Review – What You’ll Get From Reading the Book

It is in one the first few chapters of the book when the DeMarco stated and described the three types of people in the world.

These are the sidewalkers, slowlaners and fastlaners.

Sidewalkers are characterized by having no financial plan and has wealth defined by means of debt and income.

Slowlaners are those people going through the flow of the outdated system – goes to college, works hard, pays down debt, invests in 401(k), etch.

The last type of person is the fastlaners, which are those people you should make of yourself.

In truth, reading the first few chapters of the book, or its first half, you will find that it is full of preaching. Of why most people are not able to be successful and left to be destined to never become millionaires.

It is only in the second half of the book that you will start learning how a fastlaner should and must be, and what they do to make millionaires and successful people in themselves.

It provides illumination, one that will make you wanting to step out and start taking real actions to get closer to your goals. With this book, you not only build your own real wealth quickly, but also obtain and enjoy real freedom.

The NECST Formula

This is probably one of the biggest takeaways from the book itself. I wrote about the NECST formula before. And I will not go into it in detail here. But it will help you determine if your business idea is worth pursuing or not.

On the forum (see below) there is also a thread for insiders where one can evaluate published ideas for the taking.

The Millionaire Fastlane Bonus

This is not a bonus in the book per say. But after I read the book I got in contact with the forum that is created by MJ DeMarco: The Fastlane Forum.

You will find me active on this forum. The community there is great and I have yet to find a forum with that level of honesty and seriousness.

These people are real entrepreneurs ranging from those who freelance to the few who run million dollar companies, traveling the world doing so.

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