GDG Google Cloud Meetup in Stockholm

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I started going to the Google Cloud Developer Meetups in Stockholm. GCD for short. It’s a great way to network with people in the business and great minds doing all kinds of cool stuff.

Bhagya Silva, a guy I sat next to on the meetup, told me about his ambitions of dominating the Sri Lankan travel market. He had an app for checking all trains in Sri Lanka today, and his next move is to do the same for flights.

The first of the presenters, Martin Omander (Google) talked about serverless computing. If you want to spend less time managing servers, you should consider serverless computing. In this talk he considered common use cases and how they can be implemented quickly using serverless products form Google.

The second speaker was John Angelmo (GetGeek). This guy basically showed 50 lines of code and implemented terraform on GCP within 3 minutes and a half. Live, during the presentation. He talked about how terraform can help you letting each team handle their own infrastructure.

Leonid Kuligin (Google) was the last speaker. He talked about the trending topic of machine learning. How to train your machine learning model with Google Cloud Platform. What benefits you get with training your models with the cloud. What the main considerations when using a rent-a-VM are for model training and if you should go with CPU vs GPU vs TPU. He talked about vertical vs horizontal training scalability and data vs model parallelism. Then a shameless plug about some managed services for model training offered by GCP.

All in all, it was a great evening and I felt very welcome by the Google team who hosted the seminar. Great food (Pizza), unlimited supply of drinks and of course the complimentary snacks.
I’m definitely going on more of these Meetups as they are very insightful. Plus you get to meet a lot of entrepreneurs and ambitious people. The Meetup can be found here.

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