Find a Niche: The ABC of Niche Ideas

Here is a quick method for you who are struggling to find a niche or rather to come up with ideas for a niche.

Finding what niche you are going to enter is usually not the real problem. Because everyone have a few topics they can speak freely about. The hard part is more to figure out an idea in that niche.

I thought of a fun experiment you can do. And it goes all the way back to kindergarden when you had to learn you ABC. Now you can pick up that ABC-song and make some real use of it. Vertically write all the letters of the alphabet on a piece of paper or in your word processor.

After you’re done with this, you write one idea that starts with that letter. Don’t bother too much with if it is viable or not. It is just a fun practice to get your brain going.

Here is my list:

Aircraft spotting

Blogging for entrepreneurship and marketing 🙂

Choosing hotels

Domain flipping

Exercise guide


Gluten intolerance

Heavy lifting

Igloo construction

Jokes of the year

Keyword Researching

Last minute deals

Martial arts

Nail art



Quilting (but I was going to say Quidditch)



Treasure Hunting

Urban exploration

Veichle restoration

Weapons Collecting

X-ray preparation



That’s about it. There is not much more to it.

You will perhaps not come up with the next Snapchat or PayPal using this method, but it will get your wheels spinning and if this is what it takes!

And remember, try not to use internet when you come up with these ideas. The whole point is to use your brain and to develop ideas from your own interests and thoughts. If you use the Internet it will only be someone else’s thoughts. If it’s your own then you know that you probably has an interest in this niche or that you have some knowledge.

That may be wort pursuing.

Robin Wiman

I got my first internet connection in -95 and has been hooked ever since. Here to help indie entrepreneurs succeed. We test what works and what doesn't. Also the founder of Pixelmarketers.

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