Examples of Amazon Affiliate Websites: Study of 16 Live Websites

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Looking to create an Amazon affiliate website? Then you need to take a look at these examples of Amazon Affiliate websites. I’ve gathered a total of 12 websites for you to look at.

A lot of online marketers or people who want to start their own business online look to create an affiliate website. Amazon is usually their first choice.

Amazon IS a great way to increase your income and make your first money online. However, it is easier said than done. But fear not, take a look at these sites and you will be on your way to having everything you need to set up your own niche site.

Check out their themes and what they have in common. Any plugins you may need and what you should be looking for.

What You Will Learn

  • What Amazon Affiliate Sites have in common.
  • What Plugins you may need to create a niche site
  • What to think about and remember when building a niche site
  • Several live examples to look at
  • How to monetize your niche site
  • What Theme you should pick for your affiliate site
I have used SimilarWeb to pull some data about the sites and traffic statistics may, and probably are, very skewed. Take it with a pinch of salt.


Thankyourskin.com is a site that Tung Tran is running. He is a well-known marketer from cloudliving.com, make sure to check him out. Anyhow, this site is a great example of a niche site. Notice a few things here: He runs a CTA on the top to collect leads (emails) from visitors. This is a very wise strategy because it will allow him to run targeted messages to his visitors and make them come back to the site.

If you take a look at the homepage, notice how everything is just boxes of links really. Head over to thewirecutter.com and see if you spot any similarities… Also a lot of links. The homepage is practically a page for link aggregation and it’s a great way to send link juice out to the lower pages. It can potentially also harm your SEO, Bottom line is that Tung Tran is a very knowledgeable guy and you can learn a lot from him.

Founded: 2014

Traffic: 151,000 visitors

Number of pages & posts: 398

Theme: Thrive Themes

Monetization: Amazon and it makes $5,000/m (source)



This is one of the smaller niche sites you will see on this list. My first impression when I landed on the site was; “clutter”. It has the somewhat outdated double-nav, which makes it a bit hard to navigate.

Also if you take a look at the nav-bar it lists all the brands as links. This is not a bad idea, but the nav bar is not the place to do such lists.

The site would be easier and better-looking if the owner had put a link to “brands” or similar, and then made a guide to all brands. That way he could create a pillar content piece around brands in the niche, and link out to each and one of them. Listing their strengths, weaknesses and guiding the reader to which one to pick.

Reviews fall somewhat short in length, design, and readability. There are links and things going on all over the place and it just feels bloated.

Founded: 2012

Traffic: 1,400 visitors

Number of pages & posts: 33

Theme: Fresh News from WooThemes

Monetization: Amazon


Ok, so this is not your average niche affiliate site. In fact, it is hardly an affiliate site at all. They run their own eCommerce store. However, the main site is run like a magazine (they have lots of employees) and hold office in New York.

What can you learn from this site then? They target a younger audience of male readers and have won several awards for their content. Take note if you run a niche site in any space as this site, you can learn a lot and find good content ideas here.

Also, their reviews look great and are well formatted.

Founded: 2007

Traffic: 2,100,000 visitors

Number of pages & posts: 21,900

Theme: Custom

Monetization: Display ads, and their own e-commerce store


A site started in 2016 that reviews aquarium equipment. Accordingly to SimilarWeb (known to overestimate traffic) the site receives a whopping 112k visitors/m. For a site that is not very old, it is a lot of traffic.

However, we have seen that traffic, age and number of pages does not actually correlate. Brian Dean from Backlinko.com has around 80 pages on his site and welcomes over a million users per month.

So what makes the site so popular? Well, it could be using a PBN to start with. However, it is also a quite easy niche to rank in (as of writing this). Looking at keywords in this niche tells us that they hold quite low competition regarding the volume. Fish tank filters get at least 12k searches per month and are quite easy to rank for if we consider the pages that are on the first page.

Given that many pages on the first page are from 2017, it seems that marketers collectively discovered the niche as “easy to rank for” and wanted to seize the opportunity. Some sites are a bit older and probably had to upgrade their content in the face of competition.

Takeaway: Every site can be improved, but this site has a solid structure for their round-up posts that are popular for Google to rank. Basically, it follows an introduction, a table of contents, summary, a comparison table, pros and cons for each product compared, a hefty guide on how to pick, ending with a Q&A and a conclusion. Mind the clear CTAs.

Founded: 2016

Traffic: 112,400 visitors

Number of pages & posts: 84

Theme: Daily Dish from StudioPress

Notable Plugins:  WP Rocket and Table Press

Monetization: Amazon



This is an affiliate site for hot tubs. It looks visually appealing and how most affiliate sites look today. I think it is a narrow and well-rounded niche and the prices can go quite high, which means higher commissions per sale. It is a luxury niche, so when the markets enter a recession this site will probably feel that people spend less money on such things as bath tubs. Also, it may be seasonal depending on where customers are. The site has quoted prices in pounds (£) meaning the owner might be targeting the UK specifically. They are also using the EasyAzon plugin, which will help with geolocation. Amazon has released their OneLink plugin, however, so you won’t need EasyAzon really.

Founded: 2013

Traffic: 1,500 visitors

Number of pages & posts: 57

Theme: Stargazer

Notable Plugins: TablePress, Thrive Content Builder, EasyAzon, and W3 Total Cache

Monetization: Amazon


example of amazon affiliate site

I really like this site. Why you ask, it looks so simple? That’s exactly it. First of all, I like these type of sites because of their simplicity. They are quite easy to create yourself and they will rank well.

On the contrary, they are also relatively easy to beat. Their articles can be better made and more interactive. The User Experience is quite poor and the Navigation is not really that great.

But the site is probably made to rank with a PBN and these type of sites usually make a decent amount of income for the owner. Good job on this one.

Founded: 2013

Traffic: 25,400 visitors

Number of pages & posts: 172

Average post length: 900 words

Theme: Venture from WPZOOM

Notable Plugins: TablePress, Thrive Content Builder, and W3 Total Cache

Monetization: Amazon and Harrys.com

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amazon affiliate site example

Fitbitcoupons.com is an affiliate site that builds upon the keywords of “[Product] coupon”. Then they use varieties like promo code or discount and so forth. It is an interesting angle to get into affiliate marketing. Problem is that these sites are more or less just money scraping.

That means that a site like Fitbit coupons is made up of about 10-15 pages, which all ranks for a specific keyword with the extension of coupon. Then offering what seems to be a coupon (or a real one) to the visitor by leading them further to an e-commerce site. Usually Amazon.

Do I think these sites work?

Yeah, they do. But they are also easily pushed down the rankings and this site is using a coupon PBN to rank high in the SERPs.

However, here is how you can do it:

Start by going to Amazon and choose a department at the drop down list next to the search field.

amazon affiliate site example

Look to the left-hand sidebar and scroll down until you see a headline called “featured brands”. Click on “+See More”.

amazon affiliate site example

Let it load and you will see a list from A to Z of all the brands in that department. Now, copy this list by highlighting it with your mouse. Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V. I use Google Sheets for this as I think it’s quite easy, plus it’s available for free.

amazon affiliate site examples

Put in the keywords in the spreadsheet. Clean them up so you only have the keywords left and then make sure you put all your keywords in the same column (put them in column A).

In column B you write the word “coupons”. Now drag them down to you have a matching amount of coupon-words as you have brand names.

In column C, paste the following code:

=A1&" "&B1

Say, for instance, your first word in cell A1 is “Honeywell”, your output in C1 will be “Honeywell Coupons”.

Now copy column C into the Google Keyword Planner (or Long Tail Pro if you have it).

Coupon Keyword Research Sheet

Here are the keywords I researched using Long Tail Pro, as you can see, there are some that stand out and are available to use for a coupon site. Or perhaps on an Amazon affiliate site if you wish to create coupon posts together with a review site or ecom style site.

amazon affiliate site examples

Let’s take a quick view on the keywords that are here. Accordingly, Spencer Haws, the creator of Long Tail Pro, he claims that any keyword below 30-35 is good to go with. However, these KC indexes tend to be skewed sometimes and I always like to do it manually as well. But as far as I can see, the keyword “Keurig coupons” follows my manual keyword research in a decent way. It’s not perfect, but close enough and I think if you would expand on this and fetch more long tail keywords related to it, you can actually rank for it.

#1 might take more time to beat, but the others should be fairly easy.

Keurig coupons

Theme: Metro Pro Theme made by StudioPress. The Parent theme running is Genesis.

Notable Plugins: OnPage Social Locker and DRP Coupons.

Monetization: Affiliate links via coupons.



An Amazon Affiliate niche site by Lisa LeakeThis is a little different that other Amazon affiliate site examples I’ve listed here. First of all, this is more like a brand and an authority site than a niche site. Secondly, it is more like a blog than a review site.

There are review posts linking to Amazon products, but she has also written her own cookbook, which monetizes the site further. This is something anyone can do with an affiliate site. It is also a great way to diversify your income from more than one source (even though your book may sell on Amazon).

Another interesting thing is that his site has 1.6 million likes on Facebook.

Theme: Running the Genesis Theme by Studio Press

Notable Plugins: Optinmonster and Layerslider

Monetization: Amazon Affiliate + selling their own products and e-books.


thewirecutter.com & thesweethome.com
amazon affiliate site examples

These are actually two affiliate sites created by Brian Lam, who is the former editorial director of Gizmodo. With all his experience he can setup these sites for real success.

Their strategy is similar to many others but I believe they have a different access to professionals than the average Joe does. They pick a product category and then pay an industry expert in that niche to do a thorough in-depth review.

[UPDATE] Since I wrote this guide, both the wirecutter & the sweet home has been sold to The New York Times Company. The deal was for both sites and according to NYT, they got their hands on the cash cow for $30 million dollars. Brian Lam stays with the company as an advisor. (source).

You know how niche sites and affiliate sites are normally approached with the sense of “set up and forget” mindset, well these two sites does it a little differently. They actually update their product reviews with news and trustworthy information, both of which builds authority and organic trust with its followers.

They more or less only recommend the best products and their reviews are very relevant. But let’s not kiss-ass here. The difference between customers doing their own product research and they doing it is probably not that different. The conclusion will most likely be the same, in the end, the product is what it is.

However, the service lies in providing a product review in such way that it thoroughly explains all the customer needs to know to make a decision of buying or not. So, instead of spending 3 hours of product research on my own, I can read a 15-minute article and come to the same conclusion.

Instead of going for some exact-match keywords they build authority and a brand. Google love brands and assign a lot of authority to them, creating a positive surge.

Theme: Custom desktop/mobile theme for The Wirecutter and The Sweethome.

Notable Plugins: Wire Product Platform & Amazon Cookie Override.

Monetization: Amazon Affiliate to 99%. Given the fact that they were sold for $30 million dollars, we may assume they made roughly $2 – 2.5 million per month.


amazon affiliate site example

This is a major authority site when it comes to pushing affiliate products. They review everything from electronics to appliance to software. It’s a huge site.

Their backlink profile is strong with .gov and .edu referring sites.

Their largest incoming traffic is for earphones, which is also where the most backlinks come from.

Similar to the wirecutter (see above) this site also promote products across several categories. If you are starting a niche review site and you search a niche that is not completely dead, don’t be surprised if you find toptenreviews in the actual top 10 SERP.

Theme: Custom made for their site

Notable Plugins: N/A

Monetization: Amazon affiliates + other affiliate programs


amazon affiliate site example

The site is said to make over $20,000/mo but I have no validation of that number. However, the site does probably make a decent amount of money on a monthly basis.

Started in 2011 by Adam Freedman, the site promotes various cool products and gadgets. Similar to TheWireCutter, they promote products across multiple categories and niches. When I first encountered this website I thought of 9gag.com or Reddit.com. Not because of the site itself, but because of the kind of community it attracts and the user experience focus they have.

Most of their traffic is coming from a link sharing website (at least it was back in 2013) called Knowd.com

Theme: Custom WordPress theme developed for thisiswhyimbroke.com by 10up.com.

Notable Plugins: Elasticsearch WP Plugin and Gravity forms.

Monetization: Majority is/was Amazon affiliate links (source), but they also promote products for sites that are not Amazon. In addition, they even promote products they don’t get a commission from, just stuff they think are cool.


amazon affiliate site examples

This site actually has some potential. You can see that there is some work put into the articles and their respective reviews. However, the design of the site looks all mixed up. It uses a flat design in some places and a 3D look in others.

The layout is good with the “under X dollar”. There could be some more thought put into the design of the website adding some images and a video. Perhaps investing in a premium theme like Thrive Themes or REhub would be preferred.

Theme: Thesis Theme from DIYthemes.com

Notable Plugins: All in One SEO Pack, Contact Form 7, Digg Digg and tablepress

Monetization: Amazon Affiliate


amazon affiliate site example

Another pure Amazon affiliate site. Looks a little more professional than the one from electricssmoker.

Note that this site is very small. I can’t really say that the information provided on the site is super useful or easy to digest. I’m not saying it’s bad, but there is just a large review on the front page, then you have several small pages with supportive content.

This would be an obvious site that is outsourced to Fiverr. Not saying it is, but it looks like it.

They do utilize the strength of a comparison table, which is nice. However, my judgment says it needs more work before it will start generating any kind of big bucks.

The site is done and created by a stay-at-home father, who claims to be passionate about finding the right car seat for his daughter. Great ambitions.

Theme: eleven40 Child Theme (Genesis) from StudioPress

Notable Plugins: Contact form 7, Tablepress, WP Slimstats, and W3 Total Cache

Monetization: Amazon Affiliate


amazon affiliate site example

In comparison to the two above sites, this one takes the price. It is the most elaborate and gives an overall great impression. It has a well-made logo (probably from Fiverr), and their design is great. Lots of images and it utilizes many interactive shortcodes to get the site and its pages to be interesting.

This probably reflects earnings as well.

The site is ranking with the help of a PBN and the internal link structure is made by someone with experience. The site is a great example to go with if you are looking to create your first authority or niche site.

Theme: Custom built

Notable Plugins: Wordpress SEO, Dkoated Cta Buttons, Gd Star Rating, Shortcodes Ultimate, Contact Form 7, Supercharts, Column Shortcodes

Monetization: Amazon Affiliate


amazon affiliate site example

Another great looking authority site reviewing treadmills.

It is using a PBN to rank. This is a large one with hundreds of sites within its network. Well-written and comprehensive reviews. They also utilize the power of a comparison table, in which you can also notice the Amazon affiliate link and the link to their reviews.

Theme: Custom built

Notable Plugins: N/A (WordPress SEO)

Monetization: Amazon Affiliate



If you have been around, looking for Amazon affiliate site examples, you have probably seen this one before. It was sold on Flippa.com for $60,100 dollars.

It looks great and was built in September 2013. It is claimed to be making revenue in November 2013. That’s just 2 months out the door.

Could you build a website like this and make money within 2 months? Top that with making $8,000+ 8 months later?

To be honest, there is still likely to do so, but you would need to be very experienced and utilize a well-built PBN.

Theme: Discovery by WPZOOM

Notable Plugins: Contact Form 7, Kk Star Ratings, Tablepress, Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer

Monetization: Amazon Affiliate.  It is hard to say the monthly income, but we are probably looking at $5,000/month.

What Can You Learn From Amazon Affiliate Site Examples?

  • You need proper keyword research. A lot of the above sites have used structures like “Best [Product Name]” or “[Product Name] Review”. But also “Best [Product Category or Niche]”.
  • Make sure you do some in-depth research of your niche before venturing into it.
  • Many sites use a PBN to rank.
  • The “Google Sandbox” is usually around 6 months and you should be patient with your rankings. Remember to build quality links over quantity. 1-5 juice links are way more powerful than 100s of poor quality links. Remember that the Sandbox is not 100%, you can rank faster.
  • Make your affiliate links no-follow.
  • Use an SEO plugin for WordPress so you can do some proper on-page and on-site SEO. Website structure is highly important to rank a site and using a tool takes less effort.
  • Write high-quality content that is around at least 2,000+ words for the reviews. Point out benefits rather than features.
  • Use images and links to Amazon as often as possible, but don’t make it spammy. Remember site structure.
  • Use some sort of interactive Theme for best results.
  • A rank plugin (to give a 1-5 star ranking) can be very useful to create more interaction and build trust.
  • Remember; your reputation in the niche is on the line, don’t mess around with it.

How To Build Your Own Niche Site?

I’d say that some of the best themes come from StudioPress. However, I’ve also used REhub Theme and Thrive Themes with great results. They are all easy to customize and comes with a lot of features. REhub is even made especially for Amazon affiliate sites and coupon sites.

Thrive theme comes with the most intuitive customization if you ask me. It goes very fast to set up pages and posts with Thrive and I would recommend them to anyone.

I think that StudioPress is the most powerful in terms of speed of the three. They have been around for some time now and they also give access to specialized developers.

Thrive themes have a super friendly and quick support.

If I had to give my vote on one of the 3 it would be Thrive Themes.

Do you have any examples of niche sites or are you looking to create your own?

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