What Every Beginner Should Know About Social Media Marketing

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There are so many factors that go into social media marketing, but one thing is for sure:

Without trust, no one will buy.

You wont get a single sales or reach your audience if they don’t trust you.

Social media marketing will only be truly effective if it entails connecting with people. You want to build relationships and harness trust from those who want to follow you or your brand. Again, the explanation is not harder than pronouncing the name; Social Media. You want to establish the social aspect around media that you are creating.

Created a work of art? A photo from your vacation? A blog post to establish thought? Whatever it is, there’s a social platform for it.

Not all content is created equal

Think about the last piece of content you “created” it could be as little as a comment to someone’s post on LinkedIn or Facebook. What did that comment add in terms of value?

If it were your opinion alone, let me tell you: Opinions are the worthless. Everyone can have an opinion. It’s like commodity. Opinions require substance and objectivity to be useful.

Around social media there are billions of quotes, funny pictures, promotions on LinkedIn and  vacations on Instagram posted regularly. Posting something just for the sake of it will not generate any resutls. You must post have a purpose with what you’re sharing and also keep in mind that it has to add value… Well, you can share whatever you want, and don’t take my opinion for it. But looking at successful accounts and brands who have reached a level of fame, they most likely add some type of value to the niche they’re in.

Who is on the other side?

Who are you talking to? The most effective content has an ideal customer or audience in mind. A specific profile you want to target. Why? Because people are different and thus respond differently to content. If you follow a football account because it’s your favorite thing in life and then suddenly they start to post cooking recipes, which you don’t like at all, would you still follow them?

Trying to reach different people with the same content won’t work. A video about drinking and partying will not have the same punch to it when you target new moms, but a college student?

What impact do you have?

You don’t just want to make an impression there and then, you also want it to last at least until you’ve got to the point when you can collect your ROI.

Firstly, a new visitor or potential buyer will be unlikely to purchase from you on their first impression. Generally it takes a couple of turns before they’re accustomed to seeing you around before they’ll consider buying anything from you.

Post valuable content consistently and within the same niche and the buyers will reward you with their attention and trust.

Show patience and resilience

It’s easy to fall into the trap of buying fake trust, such as fake followers, fake views, likes, subs etc. DO NOT DO THIS. You will regret it later. It will be followers that don’t care about your offers, they don’t know you, they don’t know your content or worse: They’re just bots – robots.

Try not to be too focused on your numbers. Your best time spent will be the time you produce new content. Always be producing content in one way or the other.

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