Affiliate Disclaimer

I’m thrilled that you and I can share the great adventure of online business together. But in order to do so, some things must be disclosed.

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s or companies’ products.

My goal is to help entrepreneurs like you to start your own business, or improve your current one. And In my endeavor to do so I want to be as transparent as possible.

I will be really hard for you to follow along if I don’t tell you all the steps. If I then tell you all the steps it’s not more than fair to disclose that I also use affiliate links on Pixelmarketers.

There is nothing I’d like more than to see you succeed in your market as a result of following my guides and methods on this site. If you do, I really want to hear from you, contact me here.

How Does the Affiliate Links Affect You?

The Affiliate links presented on and related to Pixel Marketers does not affect your price. You will never pay extra for a product using my affiliate link.

There will be occasions where I can get my hands on a discount for a specific products. In this case you will receive the discount following the use of my affiliate link.

Why Are There Affiliate Links on the Site?

Not all links on will be affiliate links. However, you should assume that they are. There are too many links to disclaim each separate link. This would clutter the content and ruin your experience.

In essence, there are affiliate links on because the small commission that comes from these affiliate links make sure that I can keep updating the site. I try provide free and high quality content to you and in order to keep up with my bills and the maintenance of the site, affiliate links offer a minor commission to sustain the site.

Are There Any Bad Products You Recommend, Just to Make a Commission?

No. Never. I would never recommend you a product just to make a commission. The commission itself is so small and we are talking about a few dollars. I wouldn’t sell my soul for anything and if I still recommend a product, which I haven’t used or do not like, I don’t promote it as an affiliate.

All products that I am an affiliate for are products I’ve used myself. I have in most cases tested them and their features thoroughly before I can give a recommendation.

I only recommend products here, that I would equally recommend to my best friend.

Now you know why and that I use affiliate links on this site. Don’t worry, It will not cost you anything extra. I only promote products that I use myself, and if you don’t feel like using the link – don’t.

And please don’t purchase anything you don’t really need. Save your hard earned cash.

As always, if you have any concerns or questions, please contact me and I’ll help you sort it out.