9 QUICK Brain Picking Ways to Improve Your Copy

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When you’re writing copy – whether it is to sell or influence – you need to apply certain methods. You cannot just write blindly and hope for the best. Copywriting is the grease in your marketing machinery. Remove it and your machine fail. Improve your copy and you’ll hit the home run.

I decided to put together a small post of copywriting techniques that you can use and implement under 15 minutes, and immediately see results. Read them through and start boosting your conversion today!



All accordingly to the legendary Gary Halbert. When you’re selling anything follow this method. First create a FACT SHEET, then a BENEFIT LIST and lastly a DEAL SHEET. The fact sheet will be a confidential piece where you write down EVERYTHING about your product. Good or bad. Then you turn each fact to a benefit. FACT: Car gets 35 miles per gallon. BENEFIT: Cheap transportation for each dollar. FACT: The have worn sofa seats. BENEFIT: This sofa is cozy. The deal sheet will be where you turn those benefits into selling propositions. Your offer. A good offer will usually succeed despite poor copy. Come up with a powerful offer and put it into writing. Don’t just write “You will get x, when you pay me x”. It has to be sexy.


Forget yourself. It is all about that other person. The person. The real human you’re trying to sell to… Excuse me, help. You have to provide value to others. Help them, help you. This is a change of mindset and it will take time, why it is not implemented within 15 minutes. BUT there is a shortcut, remove as much as you can of the words “I” and “me”. Selfish words. Rewrite and use the word “you”.


STOP! This means to Stop, Think, Observe and Proceed. The word Stop triggers something within you. That something is fear. Fear is an emotion. And emotions is what you want to tap into. Make them stop. How? By tapping their emotions.



Write proper headlines. If it’s 3 words or less, CAPITALIZE ALL LETTERS. If it’s more than 3 words, Only Capitalize the First Letter of Each Word, Following Basic Grammar Rules.


If you can tap into desire / emotion & be creative, then your headline will have more power. If you want your headline to be processed fast, use fewer words. Remember that each word has a purpose of influence.


You need a clear call to action (CTA). Good copy can influence an audience well into the future. The copy does not always have to sell a product, it can also convey a message. But regardless of your intention, you should use a CTA of a sort. If you want your prospect to take the next step right now, today: Buy Now. Click here. Join. But if you rather want your prospect to buy this week, and you want to use the scarcity technique: Offer Ends Tomorrow. Offer Valid thru Friday. Call Before Friday. Then you have those CTA’s whose purpose is to invoke thought, either throughout your copy or to use for repeated influence. You will see these coming especially in email marketing. So if you’re looking to repeat exposure, use these: Consider this. Think about it.  Give it some thought. What’s the worst that could happen?



Begin your letter (after you’ve used a catchy headline) with “Dear Friend”. I’ve studied a lot of the great copywriters and many of them use(d) this tactic. I think it’s polite and a nice touch. End the letter in the same fashion by saying “Sincerely yours,”. I’ve had people buying from me saying, “I don’t really need what you’re selling right now, but I’ll buy it because you’re such a nice fella”. Why thank you!


Write short sentences. Short is good. Short moves fast. Eleven words or less is perfect. You will see more action from short sentences. They create impact and invoke emotions. Clear and cut. Instead, you use longer sentences for when you are looking to emphasize a certain point, or if you want your prospect to consider a thought more in depth.


Write for illiterates. Use shorter paragraphs and fewer syllables and you can’t go wrong. You would be amazed about the quantity of citizens who struggle when it comes to aptitude for comprehending the transcribed word. Fewer syllables are easier to understand. I’m not saying you should treat your customers as fools. Rather recall what I said in earlier points. You want to make your copy flow and to be easy to understand. Nobody has time to look up words in their thesaurus.







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